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Techno Banjo

The Techno Banjo complete kit

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This package will include our whole set of tools:

1 new Techno Banjo MK-856

1  2.5” Techno Flusher

1  3” Techno Flusher

1 Techno Tube (to use with the flusher)

1 Techno Tube mini (shorter version of the Techno Tube, to use in small spaces)

1 Techno Filler (short tube with the fast filling end)

1 Cap

1 T-shirt

Best Value Kit!

 If you would like your new super tool to be personalized, send us a e-mail with your order number along with your name or company name to be laser engraved on your Techno Banjo.

Don't forget to provide us with your size for your complementary t-shirt.